Audiovisual Sales / Account Manager Opportunity:

The ESB Group, Inc. is looking for hungry individuals that will knock on doors, look under rocks,

and cold call strangers to develop new relationships and nurture old ones. We are looking for

someone who is a good listener and well spoken. This individual needs to be able to talk tech

and adapt to the customer’s market to develop the best solution for the specific need; we provide


We are looking to expand sales in/and around Chattanooga, TN and Madison, MS.

However, we are open to other areas if it fits ESB’s larger vision.

You should apply if you are good at the following:

  • Selling stuff.
  • Being technical and a little nerdy.
  • Managing your time.
  • Researching AVL products, making phone calls, meeting new people, and traveling.
  • Being creative and implementing strategies for sales growth.
  • Looking at plans and specifications.
  • Taking advantage of leads and sales opportunities with enthusiasm.
  • Acting as a liaison between The ESB Group and clients- from sales to job completion.

You will like the job if most of the following apply to you:

  • Friends and family call you for tech support.
  • You are self-motivated, disciplined, and good with time management.
  • You enjoy talking to people.
  • Making commission motivates you.
  • You can seal the deal…Create a quote, design an AVL system, and shake a hand.
  • Making people happy makes you happy.

You will not like the job if most of the following describes you:

  • You are bad with computers.
  • Dealing with people is irritating to you.
  • You like to sleep a lot.
  • Quota’s are over whelming.
  • You like to gossip.
  • The majority of your problems are not your fault.

Insights about the opportunity:

  • Having a bachelor's degree is going to give you a better chance; however, we are open to all possibilities.
  • Having past AVL experience is VERY important; we would like to know your experience level when you apply.
  • We have a unique culture. We have found that folks who enjoy art, music, and technology thrive at ESB.

The ESB Group, Inc

  • Character, integrity and morality are appreciated and encouraged. ESB culture is one of giving, caring, and loving others.
  • Dependability for honoring commitments; following work protocols to contribute to a consistent work flow
  • This position will involve some regional travel .
  • Sales positions are not micro-managed; If you need constant direction / management you will most likely not be successful in our environment.

About the ESB Group, Inc.:

  • We design, engineer, and install audio, video, & theatrical lighting.
  • Our clients are various commercial venues: churches, schools, arenas, amphitheaters, etc.
  • Our Mission Statement: We provide clarity in sound and vision so the WORD can be communicated to the world.

What does the compensation look like:

  • This is a full-time position.
  • The position will pay between $30K – 50K a year base salary + commission. Base salary
  • is dependent on experience, credentials, and abilities.
  • We offer health insurance, vacation time, sick time, and retirement (IRA).

How to Apply:

  • Email your resume to: - Subject Line: Sales career posting


View this posting in PDF form here.