Tips For Hiring An Audiovisual Systems Professional

Expert Guidance For Hiring An Audiovisual Systems Professional


Six Things to Consider When Scouting a Reputable Audiovisual Systems Integrator in Your Area

You have huge goals for your audiovisual systems in your organization. Maybe to upgrade your conference rooms for telecommuters to join in on Monday Meetings? Maybe your school district just received a grant for AV/L equipment in the classrooms! Maybe the Worship Leader at your church has declared the dated sound system will eventually need to scale up to accommodate modern practices for spreading the WORD.

Whatever your organization's reason for seeking out an Audiovisual Systems Professional, there are several points to consider when interviewing bidders or referrals. The following is The ESB Group's way of determining if an AudioVisual Solutions Provider is going to get your end goals accomplished with the least amount of hassle.


After a Google search in your area, some friend referrals and good old-fashioned detective work, you will be able to find many audiovisual/lighting specialists in your area. The key to finding the best company for the job depends on several factors.


  • Simply Installers or Professional Audiovisual (AV) Integrators?
  • One-Stop-Shop for every AV/L need?
  • Capable of building custom systems for your space?

What is your organization's homework before hiring an Audiovisual Systems Provider?

Let's take a look at what YOU must do first, before considering an interview with potential Audio Visual Specialist.

  • Your first task as an organization, IT Director, Worship Leader or "Person In Charge" should be an Environmental & Needs Analysis. Determine what current functions your space has and if these functions meet your current AV/L needs. Also, find the disparities in your systems and make note of everything that could function better or does not meet the needs/goals you have.
  • Get the BIG picture in mind and on paper. Prepare a ballpark budget that is long-term and feasible. The project can always be broken into segments with a good AVSP. It is a good idea to keep in mind, though, that cable pulling and other design features are best done all up front, so as not to create more costs later.
  • Prepare a vision board of your BIG GOALS for Audio Video and Lighting. Dream BIG! An experienced provider can often find solutions to challenges in physical design, systems designs and budget.
  • Do NOT spend too much time in the details. This is the job of your soon-to-be-hired AV provider! A reputable company will be able to see your goals to fruition by providing specifics only THEY understand and foresee.

Now that you have your goals on paper and are ready to interview, let's think about logical questions to ask Audiovisual Systems Providers in your area.

It will undoubtably save your organization money in the long run if you don’t settle for low-end products that do not last or settle for a mediocre provider that isn’t stellar in his/her field.
— The ESB Group, Inc.

Questions to Ask an Audio Visual Systems Integrator

Value/ROI (Return on Investment)

1. How will they provide value to your organization and provide the best possible Return on Investment? A good provider will be able to discuss the value of chosen equipment, why it is a reliable product, system standards and why they choose to go the route they propose. ASK them to clarify anything you do not think is worth the money. Often, there is something in your existing system that will not allow certain products to operate properly or another factor that you do not have the knowledge to know ahead of time. The key here is to ASK if you are unsure.

Technical Support

2. Will they provide on-going support for the AV/L system through warranty and maintenance programs? Situations are bound to arise when transitioning to a new AV/L system. The boundless working parts/cables/programming can easily be viewed as "broken" when the solution is just a quick service call away! Make sure you understand what follow-up services each provider includes with design/installation.

Smooth Integration

3. Will they design/provide a seamless interface for components (new and old) in the installation to create a strong and practical system? Technology changes constantly, and you want to know that your provider is up-to-date on current releases of software, equipment, etc.

Look to the Future

4. Will the systems created/installed provide for long-term use and allow for future upgrades when needed? All projects can be built upon IF they have "good bone structure". You will want the option to scale up if the need occurs later, and you'll want to ask the questions that lead to this discussion with a potential AV/L solutions specialist.


5. Will they propose/quote all the necessary components and services required to create the AV/L system? Will they clearly call out foreseen irregularities? Will they provide complete documentation on the AV/L system? There are many challenges that can happen when a unique space and custom AV/L system converge! Make sure to ask if they foresee any structural problems or existing equipment that may need to be changed when they are proposing a plan. Keep in mind, though, that not everything can be foreseen, and your AV/L integrator is NOT a fortune-teller!


6. Will they include training services to help you become proficient in using the systems and technology to reach your organization's goals? Get ALL training agreements in writing. You want to make sure that your investment can be operated by all people qualified in your organization! Do not skimp on training! What good is your dream AV/L system if no one can run it properly?

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A Few Other Ideas to Consider When Interviewing Audiovisual Service Providers

Calendars for construction/installation are often difficult to keep on track. Make sure your AV/L company services and team will be available during a time that is somewhat convenient for YOUR organization.

Sometimes cheaper does NOT mean better! A reputable AV/L provider will consider time involved, as well as quality product costs. It will undoubtably save your organization money in the long run if you do not settle for low-end products that won't last or settle for a provider that isn't knowledgeable and certified in his/her field.

When you do settle on an Audio Visual Solutions Provider, get all contract agreements IN WRITING. Read everything multiple times and leave no stone unturned! Your return on investment is at stake, and your dream Audiovisual/Lighting system is just a few more steps away!

Does your organization need Professional Audiovisual/Lighting solutions? The ESB Group, Inc. was established in 2003 and hires only the top AV engineers, technicians and crew in the Southeastern United States. Contact us for consultations/design-build custom solutions at 205-533-9396 or

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