The existing library was not designed to provide spaces for small groups to have quiet meeting spaces. It also was not set up with quality audiovisual capabilities to hold events and meetings for the citizens of Trussville.


The ESB Group provides Trussville residents with a custom Audio Video setup to run large scale events in the new auditorium. The meeting rooms and smaller Huddle Rooms are equipped with video displays for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and quality audio outputs  where necessary.



I’m so excited about the possibilities of the new facility and what it means for our various programs here at the library. We are looking forward to launching our first Summer Program for all ages in the new spaces, so we can utilize the Auditorium for groups that need to be noisy or use the projector and audio system. We have a Ukulele group starting up that wouldn’t be possible without the stage, closed doors and large area for bigger groups. Small groups will have ample spaces to break-out during specialized events. The list is endless, and my librarians are growing that list every day. With up-to-date audiovisual, we are capable of much more than we could have accomplished before. 

-EMILY TISH, Library Director

The live animals show from the library was super fun! We all sat in the big room (auditorium) and the animal guy showed us neat animals. He brushed a girls' hair with a hedgehog, and we touched a giant tortoise! We didn't get to see snakes because they aren't allowed in the library. We got to be a little noisy during the show in the auditorium, but we should be super quiet out in the library where people want to concentrate on reading. 

-NATHAN FRITZ, 9 year old Library Patron

Animal Presenter:




The former library did not have rooms large enough and separated from the general public reading areas. Now, we can hold events that do not distract from other patrons’ use of the library. 

After the Renovation:

  • Separate rooms of various sizes with doors to close off sound
  • Audiovisual equipment tailored to fit the needs of widely varied events
  • Ease of use, so the general public can hold small events without an IT tech
  • Large scale events can be run by the IT Director, so it is a TRUE multi-use facility

Conference Room

Study | Huddle Rooms

The smaller rooms of the library are already being put to good use, and the results are unanimously favorable. The following is a sampling of what activities and events can be scheduled for the break out spaces.

  • Study Groups

  • Public Spaces for Small Meetings with BYOD connections

  • Same Day Reservations for Planning Groups, Book Clubs, etc.

  • Healthy Eating Seminar

  • Mr. Bond’s Science Guys

  • Making  Waves: The Science of Sound

  • Small Groups for Children, Tweens and Adults

  • Writing Workshops

  • Junk Drawer Robotics

  • Craft Night- Book Page Wreaths

The ESB Group, Inc. is honored to have been a part of the Trussville Public Library Expansion. If your organization is considering upgrades, expansions or "new builds" please reach out to us for consultation or complete design/integration.